Automatic Multi-Tier Broiler System

An Automatic Multi-Tier Broiler System that can house 80,000 birds into a much smaller tunnel ventilated house (16m x 106m) designed with an automatic manure collection system and automatic harvest system. Maximizing broiler production and space efficiency giving you more value for your money.

Automatic Feeding System

An automatic feed delivering system is composed of a silo or hopper, driving system, pvc tube, quality auger and so on. This increases farm management efficiency, reduce cross infection and realize high automation of the production process of the whole farm.

Nipple Drinking System

High quality drinking system minimize water leakage, which can supply birds with high water quality. Two drinking lines with 12 nipples per line ensure sufficient water supply.

Plastic Slat

Pliable slat which is specifically engineered for broiler use, avoids breast and feet injury. Scientifically designed to avoid different type of skin infections.

Lighting System

T5LED tube, lower power consumption specially used for cage. Its green light can be adjusted from 5 to 35 Lux, which can help to improve the production rate and reducing the death rate.

Automatic Bird Harvest System

The broiler cage system boasts of its fast bird moving out with less injury, as well as saving labor costs.

Automatic Manure Removing System

Automatic manure cleaning system, improve the air condition and reduce ammonia percentage (3-5ppm) in the house. The manure belt is automatically cleaned by a manure scraper.